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Some best selling songs, ready for licensing through our partners worldwide!


Highest quality mixes and masters – Same day delivery for single mixes/masters!

Fast & professional delivery!

We offer top notch mixing & mastering for a very fair price! If you need the processed material very fast, we will deliver same day.

We're very affordable!

We can deliver high quality mixes and masters for every gerne – from Singer/Songwriter over Electro and Hardcore/Metal.

Mastering : 25€ / Song   Mixing : 30€ / Song


How can we help you?

Production Music

Our 1000+ high quality songs are signed with top production music libraries around the globe. Every genre, from sweet to hard & heavy.

Mixing & Mastering

As we produce music on a daily basis, we know how to mix and master to perfection. We promise same day delivery for single mixes/masters!

Band Recordings

We love to work hand in hand with bands and solo artists! If you need top notch recordings, hit us up!

Sound Design

Hit us up with your ideas and we will deliver the final product in short periods of time.

Schnelle Umsetzung, faire Preise!

Ein Studioaufenthalt kann locker mal an die 5000€ kosten - Wir kriegen das besser hin!

Wir versuchen uns so schnell wie nur möglich um euer Projekt zu kümmern. Keine langen Wartzeiten!


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You can also mail directly to contact@trouble-media.com

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